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Herbs and Spices

What you can do to avoid moisture in your spices and seasonings. To avoid moisture in spices and seasonings, follow these tips: Store in airtight containers: Transfer spices and seasonings to tightly sealed containers to prevent exposure to air and moisture. Keep away from heat and light: Store spices in a cool, dark place away... continue reading


Herbs and spices are among the most versatile ingredients in food processing, and alongside their sustained popularity as flavorings and colorants. They are increasingly being used for their natural preservatives and potential health-promoting properties, especially post COVID-19. Remember to follow us on all social media channels @adysagro/@adysafoodmart.

Better Food Handling!

Food Safety Practices According to the United states Food and Drug Administration, when certain disease-causing bacteria or pathogens contaminate food, they can cause foodborne illness, often called “food poisoning.” Although most healthy people will recover from a foodborne illness within a short period of time, some can develop chronic, severe, or even life-threatening health problems…. continue reading